Concours du week-end ! BONne chance !

EPC WW DX Contest

du 04 février (12h00 TU) au 05 février 2012 (12h00 TU)

sur bandes HF (80-40-20-15-10 M)

The European PSK Club has the honour to invite radio amateurs from all over the world to participate in the EPC WW DX Contest 2012. The objective of the EPC WW DX Contest is to establish as many contacts as possible between radio amateurs around the world by using the BPSK63 mode. Everybody can work everybody for QSO and multiplier credit. The next EPC WW DX Contest will be held from 12:00 UTC on 04.02.2012 to 12:00 UTC until 05.02.2012. This is an excellent method to increase your BPKS63 count we well as other EPC awards for countries, prefixes, suffixes, etc.

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Concours Courte Durée cumulatif (3ème partie)

sur 432 – 1296 – 2320 Mhz

Le 05 février 2012 (de 6h00 TU à 12h00 TU)

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