Très bon score de TM6M lors du WPX Contest Phone 2013 !

WPX SSB 2013 at TM6M (F6KHM Amateur Radio Club)
2ème mondial -  1er européen...

TM6M / M/2 HP

World: # 2 (26)

 1 RF9C..........38,645,362
2 TM6M..........36,975,844
3 A71AM.........35,186,559 4 ED9Z..........27,471,108 5 II9P..........26,407,161 6 OL7M..........22,915,213 7 PJ4D..........22,636,104 8 HG7T..........22,087,779 9 LR3M..........20,427,342 10 CV5D..........14,837,334


Call: TM6M
Operator(s): F1AKK, F4DXW, F5MUX, F8DBF, F8FKJ, F8FTY, TU5KG

Station:  F6KHM

Class: M/2 HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48

Band  QSOs
  160:   86
   80:  769
   40: 1891
   20: 3050
   15: 2070
   10:  171
Total: 8037  Prefixes = 1706  Total Score = 36,975,844

Club: LNDX



The 2013 season begins rather well at TM6M. After two new claimed records
during past ARRL contest in the M/2 category, we decided to continue in this
direction for the WPX SSB contest. The objective was the previous record set in
2012 by EI7M


Propagation conditions was average especially on saturday, but with a small
improvement on Sunday. The 10 m band remained very quiet prohibiting a
productive run.

It's worth noting that TM6M (F6KHM) Contest Station is located downtown Brest,
a major city in Brittany.
In this context, we need to do with a local noise level steadily increasing in
recent months. The nature of these industrial disturbances are unfortunately
present in the RX antennas. Sometimes we have a important noise due to an
advertising sign and industrial ventilation!
Sorry for the stations we have missed, but we have to deal with this

We was pleased to welcome three new opr and support : F8FKJ, F8FTY and F/TU5KG.

Thank you guys for the good times and congratulations to all teams that make
this games more exciting year after year.

More details coming soon on the TM6M blog, with pictures and video :

Of course, you can count on us for the next contest.

73 from the crew


TOTAL SCORE : 36 975 844